DataTables: AltEditor (beta) ADDON Custom made editor plugin designed for Datatables


DataTables AltEditor is a MIT licensed free editor. The plugin adds capabilities to add, edit and delete rows in your datatables through the use of modals. We have modified the editor extensively to be used with SmartAdmin WebApp and make your job a little easier. This current version of AltEditor is exclusive to SmartAdmin and we intend to keep it up to date to be compatible with DataTables.

You can find the definitions of its elements on their official github page. Note: Only use the exclusive plugin included with this WebApp as the one on github contains a lot of bugs.

Example Table

Datatable accepts the following callback functions as arguments: onAddRow(datatable, rowdata, success, error), onEditRow(datatable, rowdata, success, error), onDeleteRow(datatable, rowdata, success, error)

In the most common case, these function should call $.ajax as expected by the webservice. The two functions success and error should be passed as arguments to $.ajax. Webservice must return the modified row in JSON format, because the success() function expects this. Otherwise you have to write your own success() callback (e.g. refreshing the whole table).

Event logs (AJAX Calls)